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Below is the current active IES portfolio. For each new portfolio you should do the following:

  • Divide your portfolio into 10 equal dollar segments. Then calculate the number of shares you will be buying of each stock.
  • For each stock, buy the calculated number of shares at market.
  • For each stock record the 110% target sell price listed below. Place automatic sell orders using these prices for each stock.
  • Calculate the 102.5% automatic end of day sell price for your portfolio. Monitor your portfolio at the end of each day to see if the 102.5% value has been reached and if so sell all stocks.
  • Place a market sell order for any stock at or below 88% of its purchase price. NOTE: If a stock has a "V" notation it is considered as high volatility, consider manually monitoring stop losses.
  • BUY

    Date Symbol Stock Price Upside Target Downside Stop


    Date Symbol Stock Approx. Price


    September 29, 2021

    Portfolio #225

  • Exited market Sept. 29th
  • The market subsequently dropped to RED - In Correction and has remained there since. We await a GREEN market to re-enter.