Market Investments


Our goal at IES is to develop low risk, high return investment systems that allow our subscribers to increase the return on their market investments.

Founder, D. A. Campbell has been a student of major stock markets for 50 years. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a Finance major and Computer Science minor from the University of British Columbia as well as a post graduate CPA. He has worked as an executive in the Financial Services, Telecommunications and Financial Software industries for 40 years. Upon leaving the day to day corporate world, he has continued to develop and enhance his unique equity investment strategies to the point where today with beta testing complete these systems are ready for the market place.


superior investment strategies

Campbell has always believed that superior investment strategies can outperform the market. He also believes the major funds cannot match this performance because of their overriding need to show short-term performance against competitor funds and the follow the leader nature of the Mutual Fund industry.

Campbell’s unique approach to portfolio investments begins with a rigid money management system where every new investment has a pre-defined exit strategy. He then adds a stock selection system based on years of research into the characteristics of near term stock movements. The final component is a set of rules and alerts to dictate market exit and re-entry points. The result is a tight equity investment system that features rapid profit taking and portfolio turn-over.

money management system

high quality product

At Island Equity Systems we pride ourselves in a high quality investment product. We don’t follow the herd but we don’t fight the market either. We believe that by following our unique investment approach the personal investor can achieve superior investment returns over the long-term.